Anti-Nuclear Year-end Occupy@METI Tent

As we all know, many of us had a difficult year and have a diffcult year ahead as the world economy continues to shrink. It seems like the big corporations and a handful of filthy rich are spending a nice celebratory holiday season.

Threatened by the ongoing nuclear power plant disaster and future employment, job prospect and other hardships, we see no brighter future. We are supposed to be the majority, but our government doesn't seem to hear us.. Where is our voice?

Come join our Occupy movement at METI from Dec. 30-Jan. 3.

Chie Matsumoto
---------------------------------------Program starts here----
Anti-Nuclear Year-end Occupy@METI Tent

Not Happy!! New Year Fest for 99%
Come Joine Holiday Live Broadcast Program on UST

★December 30
4 p.m. Opening

5 p.m.-- Top 10 News of the Year
1) Nuclear power plant-related news
2) Japan's poverty and low-income
3) Anti-globalization news
4) Labor-related news
5) Environmental news

22時~ All night Movie Screening
1) Hope Bus (in Korean with Japanese subtitles)
:*A Korean female worker at a shipyard conducts a 300-day protest up on a crane 30 meter above ground. People of Korea comes in bus loads from all around the nation to support her struggle agains restructuring.

2) Coca-Cola Case (in English with Japanese subtitles)
*A union at Coca-Cola bottling plant in Columbia, the unionist-murder capital of the world., fights for the rights of the workers and the rights to form a union.

3) Hard Rain (in English with Japanese subtitles)
*Australian activist/journalist reports on uranium mine in Australia, which continues to contaminate the habitat of Aboriginie and parts of the country. Though the nation has no power plant, it exports uranium to places like Japan.

4) Brian and his friends ( in Japanese)
5) The Take (in English with Spanish subtitles)
6) Safety, Bread, Freedom (in Japanese)
7) Occupy Berkeley (3-minute video of Occupy action in Berkeley, CA)

★December 31
1 p.m. Opening
5 p.m. Flea Market & Open Mike "My Statement" (Anything you want to tell the world)
7 p.m. Red-White Singing Contest "In demand for no more nuclear power plants"
10 p.m.  Year Gone, Year Coming & Countdown
11 p.m.. To be announced
until 4 a.m.

★January 1
10 a.m. New Year "Let's run as much as you want" marathon at Kasumigaseki
1 p.m. Opening
         Not Happy!! New Year Fest for 99% "My Statement"
         New Year Calligraphy
until 5 p.m.

★January 2
1 p.m. Opening
        Not Happy!! New Year Fest for 99% "My Statement"
        New Year Go Japanese chess competition
        Kite flying, Top playing
5 p.m.

★January 3
1 p.m. Opening
         Not Happy!! New Year Fest for 99% "My Statement"
until 5 p.m.

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