We Want You!!

Anyone who has a say about nuclear power plants, jobs, economy, TPP, unjust system, discrimination or anything to rant and rave about the government or how the world is run only by the rich, welcome. You can convey it in words, arts or music at the Year-end Occupy that runs from Dec. 30 through Jan. 3 in front of METI building. We plan to connect with Occupy movements outside of Japan (mostly Asia due to time lag). Any help with tech stuff (Ustream broadcasting) or Mutilingual broadcasting is also needed. Any original program is also welcome. We want you to be a part of making this program. Chie M.

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  1. Hi! Seasons Greetings to everyone on the internet! Are diverse and minority ideas and thoughts and open debates from any political position welcome around here? Or is it more suitable for the folks over here to focus appealing the hot rant and rave stuff and sorta warm-up the toshi-koshi event with hot souls and soups! Either way sounds okay with me for the event. We need a world going on and to reach. thankyou Fujiwara T.